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We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what constitutes the highest standard of digital asset trading and management.

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We offer decent returns and our trades are benchmarked by bots that combine intelligent algorithms with applied combinatorial game theory to define a dominant strategy for every trade.

These strategies are then delivered and fine-tuned by our expert traders in each segment to produce precise & phenomenal trading results with a 96% winning rate.

With these rates, our traders can split and distribute assets accross multiple parallel trades using the AI-strategies as a guide to ensure that the collective result is always high above the threshold. This is our risk-management strategy.

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Earning After 12 hours

Duration 12 Hours

Min $55
Max $420



Earning After 24 hours

Duration 1 Day

Min $510
Max $1000



Earning After 24 hours

Duration 2 Days

Min $1002
Max 7000



Earning After 24 hours

Duration 3 Days

Min $12000
Max Unlimited

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Questions you often ask

How do I start?

Visit our official website metrixhash.com, create a free account and deposit into your account.

How do I withdraw?

Visit our official login page. Provide your login details and click withdraw. Fill the withdrawal form and request for withdrawal.

What is the minimum amount required to open an account?

To open an account is free. However, the minimum trading deposit is $30, while the minimum mining deposit is $50.

Can I have more than one account?

Each account is handled on an isolated/individual basis. Users are advised to create only one account. Contact our support center for special situations.

Do I need two accounts to use trade and mine?

You don't need multiple accounts to use our platform. Each account is integrated in such a that you can use one account to trade and mine on thr platform

If I change my mind, can I get refund?

Yes, investors can request for refunds within 24 hours after payment, the processing for refunds might take about 24 hours in most cases.

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